Dawn on UTV election review

Dawn was name checked 3 times in the UTV review of the Assembly last night, very few others mentioned by name at all let alone 3 times and by each of the experts. The programme highlighted the achievements of the last assembly and critiqued it’s performance. Dawn was credited for the hugely popular Bill to… Read More »

New Horizons for mental health services

This week I visited the New Horizons project run by Action Mental Health.  The New Horizons service deliver specialist training and employment programmes for people with mental ill health and what a fantastic project it is!   I was warmly welcomed by both staff and clients who were eager to give me a sense of the… Read More »

Votes for Women

Research from the last Assembly election showed that it was women and young people who did not turn out to vote in east Belfast. I think it is vital that I do all I can to encourage those not using their vote to turn out to vote and have a say in the running of… Read More »

New flights at Belfast City…so why the runway extension?

BMI today announced plans for new planes and new flights from Belfast City Airport.   While it is wonderful that new flights and new destinations are available to Northern Irish travellers, this announcement will have a negative impact on the residents who live on and near the flight path who are already suffering with increasing… Read More »

Red Sky and jobs in east Belfast

I spoke to the Social Development Minister last week, when the announcement was made that Red Sky had lost the contract with the Housing Executive. I was, and am, very concerned about those who work for the company. In a follow-up letter, I asked the Minister to do all he can to assist the men… Read More »

Irish Times profile of Dawn by FIONOLA MEREDITH

INTERVIEW: Dawn Purvis is standing for election in Thursday’s Assembly elections as an independent unionist candidate, having resigned from the leadership of the Progressive Unionist Party. She talks to FIONOLA MEREDITH about why she finally gave up on the PUP. ON LAMP-POSTS across Northern Ireland, posters of candidates are stacking up ahead of the Assembly… Read More »

Star-struck but for a good cause.

I met up with the brilliant Eddie Izzard yesterday.  Despite letting myself down and getting a little star-struck , it was all for a good cause.  Eddie has been in Northern Ireland supporting the Yes2AV campaign – which will ensure our MPs have support from at least 50% of their constituents – which means they… Read More »