Educational Disadvantage

Photo by Ben McLeod click for flickr linkReport after report has highlighted the fact that educationally we fail too many of our children, that a high proportion of those live in inner east Belfast and that the country’s most dominant non progressor group was working class protestant boys.  I was tired of this being an academic subject and an accepted norm which is the reason I decided to form a task-force to tackle the issue head on.

The group has been working extremely hard, we have consulted very widely and received contributions from a diverse range of stakeholders, from local councils to the community and voluntary sector.  Below is linked our ‘Call to Action’ document (launched March 21st 2011) with specific measures that need to be taken and how we can make a positive contribution to bring about real change.

While the statistics point to protestant males being the worst off, they are not the only group our education system fails, our findings are being presented in such a way that they can be extrapolated for other groups facing the same problems.

Below you can view the Call to Action, Summary of Consultation Responses and the Research Summary.