Red Sky and jobs in east Belfast

By | April 3, 2016

I spoke to the Social Development Minister last week, when the announcement was made that Red Sky had lost the contract with the Housing Executive. I was, and am, very concerned about those who work for the company. In a follow-up letter, I asked the Minister to do all he can to assist the men and women whose jobs are under threat, as well as their families and communities. Many of these employees have worked for the company for years. Without proper support, they may struggle to find similar employment in the current economy.

I will be writing to the Minister for Employment and Learning as well. I intend to do all I can to ensure the employees of Red Sky are granted their full legal protections and receive all the support they need to stay in paid employment.

Red Sky is based in East Belfast. As the company has now gone into voluntary administration, the jobs of some 400 employees are at stake. These additional redundancies would be on top of the thousands of job losses East Belfast has endured over the last three years.